Lacking Worker’s Compensation for WA Police

A technicality has been at the forefront for a lack of worker’s compensation for Western Australian Police officers.

The WA Police are not employed by the Government, although they pay their wages, their employer is the actually the Queen. This legal loophole has seen the Government avoiding paying worker’s compensation for years.

Wayne Matthews, Vice President of the Medically Retired Officers Association, says the lack of worker’s compensation all comes down to the money.

“It’s always been an issue. The Liberal or Labor party have known about worker’s compensation for police (or lack of it) for the past 33 years and when each one of them have been in power they’ve failed to address it because it’s been too hard,” he said.

The Government also has not addressed issues regarding medically retired police.

Mr Matthews believes that again their evading the issue as they’re not their employers, so it’s not their responsibility.

“For the duties that they do, you have to remember that if an officers is injured on duty and permanently disabled, there is no compensation for them. He has taken a high risk in this job; if they get injured, there’s got to be additional pay if there is no worker’s compensation,” said Matthews.

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  1. BILL Reply

    St Johns Ambulance officers are also employed by the Queen, the Governor General is her representative in Australia.
    As far as I know they are covered for compensation. So why is it so hard to provide the police with compo?

  2. BILL Reply

    In the Nineteenth Century a group of citizens revived the Order of St John in England, drawing their inspiration from the example of the Knights of St John who in medieval times, offered care and shelter for pilgrims and crusaders. St John Ambulance was subsequently formed to put its humanitarian ideals into practice in the new industrial society, promoting the cause of first aid for the sick and wounded through volunteer effort—a novel concept at the time and a much-needed one.

    The movement spread to Australia in 1883 and has since developed into the organisation that we know today. The work of the Order of St John is carried out in many countries around the world. St John is a Royal Order of Chivalry with the Queen as its Sovereign Head.

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