Labor MP Josh Wilson Quits Over Citizenship Row

Federal Labor Fremantle MP Josh Wilson announced today that he will resign following High Court’s ruling over the Dual Citizenship Row.

His quitting comes after Federal Labor Senator Katy Gallagher’s was declared not eligible after High Court’s new interpretation on section 44 of the Australian Constitution. 

The new law interpretation means that all candidates need to have their foreign citizenship deregistered before the closing of nominations, despite an administrative delay during the process.

Mr Wilson is one of four Federal Labor MPs who resigned today, along with Kate Gallagher, Justine Keay, and Susan Lamb. 

All four MPs are committed to take part in the by-election.

In a statement released this morning, Mr Wilson says he renounced his British Citizenship by mailing the renunciation form and attached documents on the 13th, May, 2016, after he was endorsed as a late replacement for the Labor Party.

The documents were received on the 16th, May, 2016 by the UK Home office, the processing fee was withdrawn from his account on the 6th, June, 2016 and Mr Wilson was nominated two days before the close of nominations.

Mr Wilson then received a letter from the UK Home Office on the 24th, June stating his British Citizenship has been deregistered, along with a copy of the renunciation from stamped 29th, June, 2016.

“I was elected on 2nd, July, 2016. I have not served a single day as anything other than an Australian Citizen,” Mr Wilson said in the statement.

“I was born in London when my parents were on a working holiday. My mum was expecting me when they travelled to the UK, and I returned home with them at the age of one after we’d travelled in Europe for 6 months in a Kombi van.”

“Both my parents were born in Australia. My great-great-grandfather came to Fremantle as a convict in the 1860s. I have never lived in the UK, and have only visited there twice, in 1998 and 2012, for a few weeks each time.”

“In any case, the High Court’s interpretation of the law as changed and I respected that ruling. That means I must resign as the Member For Fremantle and contest the forthcoming by-election.”

Mr Wilson says he look forward to seek the trust and responsibility from voters in the next few weeks, based on his character, principles, work-ethic and record.

Back in 2016, Josh Wilson resigned as the Deputy Mayor for Fremantle, and took over as the Federal Labor candidate for Fremantle as long time member Melissa Parke retires.

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