Intellegence Accuse Manus Island Residents Engaging In Drug and Sex Offences

The Refugee Rights Action Network has rejected allegations of drug and sex offences within the recently-closed Regional Processing Centre on Manus Island.

Intelligence advice described residents allegedly engaging in shocking behaviour such as drug dealing, and sexual activities with underage girls.

“I think this is another deflection by the minister Peter Dutton to deflect from the humanitarian crisis that’s curren tly happening within the old RPC on Manus,” Ms Thompson said.

Sally Thompson, RRAN activist said this is not the first time the minister has made false accusations against Asylum seekers.

She questioned if the accusations were true, why have there been no charges?

“Most of them have refugee status and in that process their criminal background is looked at so these men are probably more thoroughly vetted and checked than the average Australian,” she explained.

These allegations puts pressure on New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden, to have up to 150 Manus Asylum Seekers resettled in New Zealand.

Ms Arden made comments reiterating that New Zealand’s offer was genuine.

She also acknowledged that although she is not in the same situation as Australia, we cannot ignore the human face of what we are seeing.

Settlement deals with New Zealand and the United States are still being negotiated, so human rights activists are calling on the Government to accept New Zealand’s offer as is, and bring all the refugees to Australia on bridging visas for the time being.

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