Inquiry to Investigate “Underlying Issues” in City of Melville

The McGowan government will launch an inquiry into the City of Melville, after almost 300 complaints were made against the council since 2014.

WA local government minister David Templeman said on Wednesday the State Government will conduct the inquiry through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries to investigate the underlying issues made against the City.

It will examine matters related to the Council’s relationship with the city’s administration, adequacy of council policies and procedures and acquisition of land.

However, the department has been working with the City of Melville to improve their complaints processes and relationship with the community over the last 12 months.

“Maintaining a strong system of local government that operates efficiently, effectively and in the best interests of the community is a priority of the McGowan Government,” Mr Templeman said.

“When complaints against a council remain unresolved over a period of time, it can be indicative of underlying issues and it is imperative that the State Government utilises its powers appropriately to intervene and investigate these matters to determine their veracity.”

“This is not an accusation of wrongdoing or failure by the City of Melville, it is about ensuring improved outcomes and an improved relationship between the City and its residents.”

He said it was a “very high number” of complaints compared to other councils.

“There’s been various things that have been raised with me including from the council’s perspective,” Mr Templeman said.

“I think that this inquiry will allow us to investigate the broad range of matters, draw some conclusions, give recommendations to the council so that we can restore confidence.”

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