Indonesia left in pieces following multiple aftershocks

By Cassandra Elliott

More than 1,500 people are known to have died following Friday’s earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia’s island, Sulawesi.

Aid has just begun and there are victims in several areas that have yet to be counted, meaning the death toll is expected to rise.

On Monday night two more earthquakes measuring between 5.0 and 6.0 magnitude hit Indonesia over 700 miles away from north Sulawesi, where Friday’s 7.5 quake hit.

Not only did these quakes cause landslides and buildings to crumble, it also triggered a tsunami with waves up to 6m high.

On Wednesday morning, about 360miles northeast of Palu, Mount Soputan erupted, spewing ash 6,000meters into the sky.

Authorities have raised the country’s four-level volcano-alert-system to
level three, but no evacuations have been issued.

Almost a week since the disaster, rescuers are still struggling to reach some communities.

Reports indicate that looting is now on the rise, as many of the displaced people are desperate for supplies.

Aid efforts are now underway, but according to the UN almost 200,000 people are now in need of urgent assistance.

The Disasters Emergency Committee has set up a relief fund this week as authorities believe up to 1.5 million people may have been affected.

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