Hamilton Senior High School set to be demolished

After 55 years of educating the local community, Hamilton Senior High School is set to close at the end of the year.

“The Hamilton Senior High School site is integral to the Cockburn Community, and the fact that the high school is closing at the end of the year has a lot of varying opinions,”

“I know a lot of people and several generations who have gone to that school over the 55 years, so it’s held in high regard by many families who still live in the Hamilton Hill, Spearwood area. They believe the site should retain not only the trees which are significant to the school, but also some of the buildings that are significant and could be used by the community after the school closes,”

Logan Howlett, City of Cockburn Mayor, said community input will assist in determining what to do with the site.

An incident where the local Government was quick to close a high school down in City Beach, resulted in changes to demographics and urban infield a few years later, required the community to have a new high school built.

Mr Howlett hopes this does not occur for the Hamilton Hill site.

Current students of Hamilton Senior High School will be encouraged to move to Fremantle College, which has recently been upgraded with fantastic new facilities and buildings to accommodate the influx of new students.

There is a town hall meeting on Saturday 5th August from 10am-2pm, where community members are encouraged to input suggestions. This is an important meeting for people to be involved in the community engagement process, otherwise they will get what Landcorp proposes.

“Landcorp’s proposal for the site doesn’t retain any of the buildings but does retain some of the significant trees.”

“That’s disappointing, but we’re hoping community pressures will bring about some changes to their initial design concept,”

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  1. Andrew Hamilton Reply

    Absolute disgrace, of course this was implemented by the former incompetent and financial DUD Barnett…one only has to look at the fiasco of City Beach to see that demographic cycles change…a school demolished on a whim, only to see the need for a new school to built that added to our states collossal debt.

  2. J J Jonason Reply

    More schools were closed under Labor than the coalition. I think the criticism should be leveled equally as opposed to taking a cheap shot. If it was a party specific decision why isn’t the school being retained under the new government?

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