Fremantle’s West End Granted Heritage Listing

Fremantle’s West End precinct has become the largest single place to be permanently included in the State Register of Heritage Places.

The precinct, which is 200,000 square-metres and includes 250 buildings, was nominated by the City of Fremantle.

This new status provides protection to the area and assists in boosting tourism.

Heritage Minister Peter Tinley said the area embodies the exuberance of the gold boom era when Fremantle was a thriving port town.

“Fremantle’s West End is a rare example of a highly intact port city business district and is notable for its impressive variety of gold boom era buildings that point to its maritime heritage.

“The permanent inclusion of West End in the State register recognises the important story the precinct tells as a whole, and it will now benefit from the full protection of the law in perpetuity.

“State heritage-listing will enhance the precinct’s appeal as a tourism destination, where visitors can immerse themselves in the sights and experiences of this historic area and contribute to its revitalisation.”

The West End precinct is bounded by Market Street to the east, Collie Street and Marine Terrace to the south, Little High Street to the west and includes both sides of Phillimore Street to the north.

The precinct was originally listed in the State register on an interim basis in November 2016.

The Heritage Council of Western Australia then invited public comment on permanent registration.

Private owners are eligible to apply for a Heritage Council grant of up to $100,000 to help with conservation works.

Picture Courtesy: Gnangarra

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