Fremantle Mayoral Candidate Ra Stewart Focuses on Economic Issues

Upcoming Mayoral candidate for Fremantle Ra Stewart has concerns about the economic and financial state of Fremantle, but has few concrete opinions on other matters. 

“I am in the process at the moment of putting together, finding out what are the community’s hot issues and putting together some thoughts on that” Ms Stewart said.

“I do obviously have some thoughts having sat on the chamber of commerce for 10 years and for 4 years as the president”

“I’m obviously very engaged with the business community and small business in particular”

She believes that the council has been attempting to act outside the bounds of a council, and neglecting its duties to the local ratepayers.

“The reality is that I have some concerns around the city’s financial management and priorities at the moment,” Ms Stewart said

“Given the current economic climate, it would appear that some of the principle foundations around their financials could be questioned”

Ms Stewart had good things to say about current mayor Brad Pettit, though she was critical of the focus of some of the council’s decisions under him.

“I think Brad has done some good things for the city, part of that has been attracting some investment into the city, which has been long overdue”

“However, I feel that the current council under Brad’s leadership focusses too much on issues which aren’t part of local government’s remit”

Ms Stewart has been a board member of the Fremantle Council since 2008, and chaired the board of the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce from 2011-2015.

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