Free Perth CBD Parking Approved For Four Car Parks Ahead of Christmas

Perth shoppers will get the opportunity to experience the Perth CBD for longer hours in the lead up to Christmas, with free parking for 10 days up to Christmas day.

The City of Perth council unanimously passed Councillor James Limnios’ motion to allow free parking at car parks in four locations including at the State Library, Pier Street, Terrace Road and Cultural Centre from December 15 to 24.

“What’ll it mean is the opportunity to come in from 4 o’clock until the close, be free to enjoy the shopping, the lights, the many dining and eating destinations and drinking destinations for families,” Cr Limnios said.

It comes after the City of Perth Parking (CPP) introduced a five week period of $10 on weekdays until December 29 at the same locations.

Cr Limnios said had also put forward a motion for one hour free on-street parking, but it had been deferred.

He said he hoped it would bring people back into the city who previously chose to stay away, with festive season celebrations coming over summer.

“It’ll bring people here that otherwise wouldn’t come, that otherwise said it’s too hard, it’s too expensive,” he said.

“It’s going to be good. New Year’s, Australia Day being extended over four days, New Year’s celebrations in Northbridge with fireworks.”

“All of these things are new and larger and better, it’s really humbling and exciting.”

Cr Limnios said there was the possibility of further parking expansion initiatives in the future, with many Perth residents relying using on cars for transport in the city.

“We can roll out a sweep of parking incentives throughout the year, because I am very confident that parking is a really big reason, until we get a world class transport system, inner city transport system like Melbourne and New York and a variety of other cities,” he said.

“So parking is going to be an incentive to people here.”

He said it was “giving hope” to revitalise Perth and storefronts in the CBD.

“We’re giving hope to our retailers,” Cr Limnios said.

“We’re actually telling our retailers we’re listening and we want you in our capital city.”

“People have been screaming for years.”

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