Free Flowing Traffic From Perth Airport as Southern Northlink Section Nears Completion

Motorists can expect free flowing traffic from Perth Airport to Reid Highway, after redirection of Tonkin Highway traffic under Collier Road.

Motorists travelling along the southern section of the State and Federally funded road infrastructure project will be able to travel from the airport to Reid Highway without encountering a traffic light, in the state’s first and largest freeway-to-freeway interchange.

Two temporary roundabouts will be installed on Collier Road until February, when traffic signs are fitted at the Collier Road interchange.

Traffic on Morley Drive will continue through the two roundabouts during building of the permanent roundabout, with construction also expected to be completed in February.

Beams were installed for the first bridge in the Reid Highway-Tonkin Highway interchange in December.

The new bridge will form part of the final Reid Highway alignment, allowing vehicles to travel over Tonkin Highway.

A temporary roundabout will also be inserted at the Reid Highway-Tonkin Highway intersection to replace traffic signs, for construction of the new southbound onramp from Reid Highway to Tonkin Highway.

Changes will also be made to the Beechboro Road North-Reid Highway intersection, with a temporary roundabout replacing traffic signals, providing access to construct the new southbound onramp from Reid Highway to Tonkin Highway.

Meanwhile, clearing is almost complete and earthworks has begun on the northern section of the project.

Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said the project is essential to “reducing traffic congestion and providing a faster, safer freight route” as the state’s population grows.

“NorthLink WA is a vital, state-of-the-art transport link between Morley and Muchea, diverting heavy traffic away from local roads and improving amenity in the Swan Valley for residents and the 600,000 tourists who visit the area each year,” she said.

“There will be significant travel time savings for people in Ellenbrook, Noranda and Ballajura as well as eliminating four of our State’s most dangerous intersections.”

The project is expected to be completed in 2019.

Pic Courtesy: Dept Of Transport

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