Fracking ban in South-West, Peel and Perth

The McGowan Government announced regulations on hydraulic fracture stimulation (fracking) in the South-West, Peel and Perth Regions.

Minster for Mines and Petroleum, Bill Johnston, said the government needs to protect the State’s environment from risks associated with fracking.

“While the tracking ban in the South-West, Peel and Perth regions has already been achieved, the regulations provide a permanent ban in these areas,” he said.

The legislation supports the State-wide tracking moratorium.

Environmental Protection Authority Chairman, Dr Tom Hatton, is leading a scientific inquiry addressing community concerns around fracking, and is expected to be completed within 12 months

Shadow Minister for Mines and Petroleum, Sean L’Estrange, said the fracking moratorium is putting jobs at risk, after a full inquiry to inform government policy on the future of the onshore gas sector was ignored.

“The Labor Government are no friend of the mining industry in WA. They are more interested in popularise spin than policy substance, and are willing to kill off jobs in the process,” he said.

Mr L’Estrange also said the Labor Government’s State-wide onshore hydraulic fracture gas sector ban has been another blow to investor confidence and has the potential to harm WA’s chances for a greater share of GST funding.

Mr Johnston said the community’s views and outcome of the inquiry will assist in forming a decision on the future of fracking in WA.

Community members can express their views to the inquiry online, submissions are open until March 19 2018. For more information visit

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