Four dead, including two police officers, in Canadian shooting

Four people, two of them police officers, were killed in a shooting in a shooting in Fredericton in eastern Canada.

A suspect is in custody being treated for serious injuries according to local police.

Reports say the shooting took place at an apartment complex, with nearby facilities closed and a lockdown imposed for resident before an all-clear message was sent out.

The police officers who were killed have been identified as Sara Mae Burns, 43, and Lawrence Robb Costello, 45.

The two civilians that were killed have not had their names released.

The suspect has only been identified as a 48-year old Fredericton man, with no information about a possible motive or weapon being released yet.

This shooting follows a shooting three weeks ago in Toronto where a gunman opened fire on a busy street, killing two and wounding 13 before killing himself.

There are increasing calls in Canada to put further restrictions on gun sales, with the Toronto city council overwhelmingly voting in favour of urging the federal government to ban the sale of handguns in the city.

The Canadian federal government has jurisdiction over firearm laws, and Bill Blair, the government minister dealing with how to tackle gun violence, said there is consideration of a law that would allow provinces to designate gun-free cities.

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