Forrestdale and Armadale Bushfire Threatens Lives and Homes

A bushfire is threatening lives and homes in southern parts of Forrestdale and Armadale.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) advised residents to act immediately to survive, after issuing an emergency bushfire warning to people in the area.

The warning has been issued for people bounded by Anstey Road, Keane Road, Armadale Road, Tonkin Highway, Rowley Road and Nicholson Road in Forresdale.

Homes in Broome Street, Old Forrest Road, Signet Place, Leake Street are currently under threat by the fire.

Armadale Road is currently blocked off.DFES advises residents to leave the area for a safer location if the way is clear, do not leave at the last minute, close all doors and windows and turn off evaporative air conditioners but keep water running if possible and if you are not at home, do not return there.

They also advise you to get ready to shelter in your home and prepare to defend it if you cannot leave and do not rely on mains water pressure if you plan on defending your home.

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