Fans outraged at coverage of Liverpool Sydney match

#LivSyd is trending at the moment as people are angry with the ABC 2’s coverage of the game.

The Sydney Football Club is versing Liverpool at the Sydney Olympic Stadium, starting live coverage on ABC 2 from 7:30pm.

It appears people are furious that there’s comedians hosting the event, and the coverage from out in the field is being reported by someone people are claiming is an amateur.

The first shot that’s trending is a clip of the reporter asking the crowd a question about ‘possessions,’ and when asked for clarification, if he meant, ‘positions,’ the reporter looks confused, brings the mic back to himself and tries to gain control back of the conversation. He then asks another fan who he thinks will win the game, and then takes the mic back off him while he’s talking too.

Some of the tweets coming in about the match show fans are very disappointed in the coverage.

One fan wrote, “Are you serious @abcgrandstand ? One of biggest teams in world vs our national champions and you put 3 comedians as host? #joke #LIVSYD”.

Another asks if the hosts won a competition to host the game. “ABC2 is really rubbishing the pre-game coverage. Who are these 3 people? Did they win a competition to host this? #LivSyd”.

Another simply says, he can’t describe his disappointment. “There are no words to describe how bad this is. #livsyd.”

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