Failure to prepare could prove terminal

The bell tolls for Emperor Barnett…

If there will be one thing that the Barnett Liberal-National Coalition will be remembered for, it will be the failure to prepare for the end of the mining boom.

What did they think – that the teat would be there forever to feed off of?

Gone went major public infrastructure plans such as a train line to Ellenbrook or the MAX light rail line which would have made for thousands of jobs.

Now Western Australia faces an unemployment crisis, with thousands of workers flooding low-paying, entry-level jobs, just to put food on the plate of their spouses and children.

It’s not their fault, but this too is contributing to the problem when you have a new batch of young people coming through also trying to get into the work force.

With a welfare system in turmoil, and the federal government doing their best to ward youths away from the process, now would’ve been the perfect time for a few more public infrastructure jobs.

Amid this, the state also lost its AAA credit rating for the first time in history, and our once prosperous state disappeared from the summit of surveys of most liveable cities as the cost of living grew with the amount of FIFO departures.

Yeah sure they built Elizabeth quay and are only now starting the Airport extension and Perth Stadium but these could have come a lot prudently in the Barnett dynasty.

Perhaps even Fiona Stanley Hospital could stand to reason as to just how poorly the government has handled this situation – the list goes on.

So now the bell tolls, the bell tolls with the rings of failure, ahead of an inevitable defeat at the next election.

And dear Emperor, remember Western Australians have long memories…

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