Extra hours for WA Learner Drivers?

The way learner drivers get their P-Plates is set to change later this year.

WA leaners will now have to complete 50 hours of supervised driving before sitting the practical assessment to get their P-Plates.

They are also required to pass the hazard perception before sitting their practical assessment.

Learners need 5 hours of night time driving as part of the 50 supervised driving hours.

Previously drivers had to complete 25 hours before their practical driving assessment, another 25 hours afterwards then the hazard perception.

Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said this will ensure have greater driving experience and cognitive maturity when attempting their driving tests.

However, young drivers are disagreeing with the new rules, saying that it will take longer to get your licence and people might begin faking hours in their log books.

WA’s required hours for learner drivers are significantly less than other states, where they must complete 120 hours before getting their provisional licence.

The changes will come into effect on October 9th.


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