EXCLUSIVE: Roe 8 Ramifications A Disaster For Murdoch Precinct

A new development in the Roe 8 saga has occurred. Murdoch University have revealed a plan to further develop the university site, but there may not be any access to the future site.

The Mayor of Melville, Russell Aubrey says, “What we’re interested in is to be able to be free and live our lives and enabling us to live our lives in safety to access work and hospital sites and places of study in a free access manner, this is not impinged by congestion, and anything that would stop our growth and stop us going about in our normal lives.”

Murdoch University have released their master plan for the future of the site, and with no access to the site, due to the cancellation of Roe 8, Mr Aubrey says it’s a disaster.

He says, “as you can imagine Murdoch University had been working on the basis that they understood that Roe 8 would be built under the previous government. Of course, change of government are now saying that they would rip up the contracts. So the plans were contingent on Roe 8 being constructed.”

Mr Aubrey says, “deleting Roe 8 without putting something else in it’s place would be a disaster.”

If there is no road access plan put in place to handle the amount of traffic, and access the sites, the Uni will not be able to continue with their development.

Mr Aubrey says, “what it would mean for the development, which is very progressive and means a lot to Murdoch Uni, and the future of Murdoch University, in terms of providing funding at a difficult time for all universities, what it would mean, the development at that site will be stymied, over the next ten to fifteen years.”

Mr Aubrey says, not only is it silly to hinder the development for the Uni, and the freight link for congestion purposes, but it’s silly from a financial aspect also.

“Why would we do that, it’s a $3billion investment opportunity,” says Mr Aubrey.

He says, the future plans for the uni included “35,000 people working there, 22,000 people living on site, and 44,000 students accessing both the tafe and the university. On top of that, of course, all those people that access the hospital site every day.”

“It’ll be the most congested part of the city, and the metropolitan area.”

Mr Aubrey says, connecting these areas with a road link, and enabling the future plans for the Uni to continue is vital for the state.

He says, “it’s the number one infrastructure priority project in Australia.”

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  1. Brad

    The cancellation of Roe8 and 9 is all about politics. The ‘Labor Greens Coalition’ have swapped votes for common sense. It never ceases too amaze me that a government will put themselves and being elected ahead of what the community desperately needs. Roe8 and 9 would transform our southern corridor, creates hundreds of jobs, investment, traffic safety, environmentally friendly, mostly paid for by the Federal Government the list of positive points is endless. Just build it. I guarantee that you will not lose any votes at the next election Mr McGowan.

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