EXCLUSIVE – One Nation Rod Caddies in contention for Darling Range Seat

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Can the Labor party defend the Darling Ranges seat, without being snapped up by its opponents?

One Nation is also in contention for the spot, with local man Rod Caddies vying for the seat with his alternative campaign approach.

Mr Caddies will offer a honest and listening ear to the community, allowing for greater representation in parliament.

“We’re always listening to what people are saying, so the stuff we take to parliament is whats coming straight from the people… It’s not about party politics, it’s more about what is best for that region,”

“So I think thats what we’re going to bring different is a real down to earth approach and listen to peoples real concerns,” he said.

Amidst former seat holder, Barry Urban’s resignation, the locals said to Mr Caddies there is very little trust in Labor after what happened.

“Its going to be a tough battle, obviously barry urban let us down, and the people of darling range down,” said Mr McGowan.

Premier Mark McGowan, said the Labor candidate will need to have the Darling Ranges best interests at heart, and will be announcing a candidate soon.

After Mr Urban’s resignation, Mr Caddies said he thought the position would be a good fit for him and decided to put his hand up.

He believes the region has not had quality representation, so when the spot opened up he wanted to bring a good honest approach back to the community and ensure their needs are catered for and voiced in parliament.

After having 6-7 state, federal and by-elections, the Darling Range seat has had it tough.

Mr Caddies is confident in his ability to best represent the region, and is confident his campaign will be successful in achieving a high percentage of the vote.

“I’m under no grand illusion that we’ve got a huge chance of winning… But I tell you what, I’m going out there to try to win,” he said.

“Once they get to know me and see what I’m all about, they’ll see that I’m a good option and you know if they’re going to switch their vote i’d be the person to go to.”

Colin Ticknell, MLC for the South West Region, endorsed Mr Caddies as the man for the job.

He said Rod is a local guy who’s going to listen, and knows the common issues after living in the area for a long time.

Mr Ticknell said they need someone who’s going to take their personal concerns into the lower house and speak up about it.

“When you’re a back bencher in a big party you very rarely get a chance to represent your party. When you’re one of the main guys in a smaller party, like One Nation, and our guy gets elected, he’s going to be representing them every day talking about the issues that are important to the Darling Range,” he said.

Mr Caddies expressed the number one thing of most importance is the community having someone who’s good in their representing them, and said whoever that is at the end of they day should be the best person who is going to do the best job for them.

Interviewing Mr Caddies showed his down to earth nature and all-round passion for the Darling Range community.

“I believe your character is all you’ve got to stand on so it needs to be pretty pure in what you do in life…” he commented.


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  1. Julie Ford

    Rod is a true Australian who stands with a true voice for those in his district. His character is one to be admired. His heart for the farmers and for the Auzzie battler is something very warming and very special. A true honest and humble Australian. How could you not vote him in. I back this man 100%

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