Drugs, Cash and Assets Seized as Police Smash Pilbara Drug Operations

Police have pledged to continue to dismantle drug operations in WA’s north, after confiscating drugs, more than $250,000 in cash and charges following two operations.

The operations running simultaneously in the South and Port Hedland areas as well as Karratha since January, focusing on criminal syndicates allegedly involved in transporting drugs into the Pilbara.

“We know that syndicates continue to use innovative and sophisticated means to conduct their business and avoid detection,” Pilbara District Superintendent Paul Coombes said.

“However, these operations are examples of how the WA Police Force will continue to target these syndicates and stop drugs entering and being sold in the Pilbara area.”

South Hedland Detectives involved in Operation Goldenrod resulted in the 1.3kg of methylamphetamine seized through 15 executed search warrants and vehicle stops.

The operation concluded in a coordinated arrest phase on 27 May, resulting in the seizure of 196gm of methylamphetamine, 0.5gm of heroin, 78.5gm of cannabis and 0.1gm of MDMA.

$223,000 in cash was also confiscated along with assets valued at approximately $41,500.

485gm of methylamphetamine was located at one premises along with $158,000.

22 people were arrested with a total of 462 charges.

Karratha Detectives simultaneously carried out Operation Snowmobile also beginning at the start of the year.

The operation also resulted in a recent arrest phase.

15 arrest warrants were executed leading to 63.2gm of methylamphetamine, 2.7gm of MDMA, 12.5gm of Cannabis and 11 items of drug paraphernalia seized.

$33,000 was seized.

22 people were arrested with a total of 88 charges laid.

Superintendent Coombes said WA Police would continue to interrupt drug operations in WA’s regional communities.

“We will continue to detect, disrupt and apprehend these offenders through a variety of overt and covert operations continuously with a focus on transportation of illicit drugs into Pilbara communities.”

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