Drugs and Weapons Seized in Perth Entertainment Venue Police Operation

WA Police have vowed to continue cracking down on drugs in entertainment venues as they seized a significant quantity of drugs in Perth and Northbridge.

Perth detectives confiscated the drugs as part of Operation Evolve that proactively targeting licenced venues between January and June this year, resulting in charges for 40 offences.

Police seized over 3000 Ecstasy tablets in the operation, around 60 grams of Methylamphetamine, over 40 MDMA capsules, approximately half a gram of cannabis and an amount of cocaine.

Several knives were also recovered.

15 people aged between 20 and 31 years have been charged for drugs offences.

10 were charged with the serious offence of supplying trafficable quantities of prohibited drugs.

Central Metropolitan District Superintendent Peter Hatch said Operation Evolve’s main goal was to keep drugs out of entertainment venues.

“Obviously the focus is to reduce the number of drugs that are in these clubs and ideally to eliminate them,” Superintendent Hatch said.

He said people taking the drugs were involved in serious risk taking activity.

“To anybody considering taking these pills, you never know what’s in them,” he said.”

“You could be taking something that you have no idea what’s inside.”

“These drug deals really don’t care what they put in them.”

Superintendent Hatch also said there would be a stronger focus on drugs in entertainment areas.

“As we move to the new policing model, we’ll have a greater focus on drugs in the Northbridge entertainment area,” he said.

“We’ll have greater numbers of people on the street in terms of light patrols, foot patrols and we’ll also have drug detection dogs.”

He warned people harsh penalties were in place for anyone caught dealing prohibited substances.

“To people thinking of attempting this sort of criminal behaviour, be warned, the police have eyes and ears everywhere,” he said.

“If you are involved in dealing drugs within our entertainment precincts, you will be caught and could be subject to punishments including banning from licensed premises, seizure of assets and ultimately extended lengths of prison time.”

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