Driving too slow a risk for WA motorists

Tackling speeding has always been a priority for WA police, but a recent infringement for going too slow saw a Perth driver cop a $50 fine.

Police Minister, Michelle Roberts, said if you’re having issues with your capacity to drive at the speed limit, you need to choose an alternate route.

“Clearly if you’re not going to be driving to the speed limit on a freeway you need to not choose the freeway,”

“As we’ve seen in recent times, it is an offence to drive significantly under the speed limit on a freeway,” she said.

Section 3 of the Road Traffic Code outlines a person shall not drive a vehicle more than 20km below the speed limit.

Freeways are designed with no traffic lights, minimum hindrance to transport the public from one place to another as fast and as safely possible.

Experts say failing to maintain a suitable speed in relation to the limits can be potentially dangerous  for other drivers.

“I don’t want the message to be get on the freeway and go like anything and exceed the speed limit, the speed limit is set as the maximum speed under ideal condition… however too far below that can cause problems,”

Steven Quatermane, driving instructor, hopes this fine being issued will raise awareness to drive carefully and safely within the limits.

“Police have tapped into a source of frustration for many drivers, the police have got very good value for one fine, so i would expect some recognition by people that they can’t simply go out there and drive as slow as they want,” he explained.

When asked if Mr Quatermane thinks more fines of this nature should be dealt he said the police resources are used more effectively, tending to go for offences that kill the most people, like speeding or alcohol.

“However the potential road rage and frustration that can be caused by someone being too slow on our roads and freeways is immeasurable, and who knows what damage that could do up the road,” he commented.

Mr Quatermane said the speed limit is set as the maximum under ideal conditions, anything too far below or above that can cause problems.

“Hopefully this causes people to think I can’t just go on the roads and and drive the speeds I’m comfortable at… I must comply with the law,” he stated.

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