Cyclists copping more fines than motorists on our roads

New figures from State Parliament detailed the number of cyclists being handed $50 infringements for failing to wear a helmet last year.

The data revealed 746 cyclists received a fine.

It also revealed only 10 infringements were issued to WA drivers who failed to comply with the one metre passing rule, in which the penalty is a $400 fine and four demerit points.

This minimum passing rule that ensures safe road sharing between drivers and cyclists stipulates a one metre gap must be adhered to when motorists are passing a cyclist.

WestCycle is concerned about a lack of proactive policing of the minimum distance laws.

As we know, some drivers can be a little bit aggressive on our roads and this is where the vulnerable road users law such as minimum passing distance laws are important to be put in place to protect cyclists,” said Phillip Taylor, general manager of public safety.

Mr Taylor said in an ideal world we’d prefer that no infringements would occur because everyone is sharing the road safely.

He said passing a cyclist safely is important and we’ve been encouraging the WA Police to start proactively enforcing the laws.

However, in relation to how many cyclists use our roads every week, the percentage receiving fines for not wearing helmets is a very low 0.1492%.

“Over 500,000 every week in WA ride a bike, so to put it into perspective 750 getting fined who are doing the wrong thing is a relatively small number,” Mr Taylor stated.

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