Conflicting reports add to confusion over HIV contamination scare for Chinese blood plasma products

By Helene Fung

Over 12,000 units of blood plasma products produced byChinese state-owned pharmaceutical company Shanghai Xinxing Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., China’s second largest blood product manufacturer, were reportedly recalled after products in the same batched tested positive for HIV this week.

This was not only reported in state media and provincial government reports, but also confirmed by Shanghai Xinxing Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd’s parent company China Meheco Group online.

However, a day later China’s National Medical Products Administration denied the positive result and said that additional tests conducted for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C with the affected blood products “turned negative”, according to state-owned National Business Daily.

Immunoglobulins, also known as antibodies, are produced by plasma cells to fight pathogens in the body. Intravenous immunoglobulin therapy is often used to treat immune disorders caused by illnesses such as leukaemia.


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