City of Vincent to Trial Slower 40kmh Speed Limit

Speed limits on residential streets in the City of Vincent will drop as part of a lower speed limit trial in the city.

New 40kmh speed signs will be installed in residential streets in coming weeks in preparation for the trial, that the State Government says is designed to promote safety for all road users.

The new speed limits will operate in areas bounded by Newcastle, Vincent and Charles Streets and the Swan River.

Main arterial roads will remain at their current speed limits except a part of Vincent Street near the Hyde Park water playground.

The speed limits will come into effect from April 29.

Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts said the lower speed limits should be “making our inner city streets better places to live,” initiating the discussion in 2018.

“Moving to 40kmh residential zones is something I first raised at a community safety meeting hosted by John Carey in North Perth last year,” Mrs Roberts said.

“This is all about making neighbourhood streets safer for all road users including cyclists, pedestrians, the elderly and children.”

She said speed remained a factor that determined the safety of people using Perth’s road network.

“We know that dropping 10kmh off a speed limit makes a big difference to the stopping distance of a vehicle.”

“It can be the difference between life and death for a cyclist or pedestrian, or between hospitalisation or walking away.”

Perth MLA John Carey said the slower speed in the city would “encourage people to walk, cycle and gather in the streets.”

“A slow speed environment does just this by making it a safe place for pedestrians, in particular for children who play on the verge or walk to school,” Mr Carey said.

He said the trial would prove that the slower speeds save lives.

“I look forward to the outcomes of the research – and its confirmation of the benefits of slower speeds for residential streets, as demonstrated by research around the world,” he said.

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