Christmas trading hours extended for busy Perth shoppers

By Stephanie Acevedo

Perth customers will now have more time to do their Christmas shopping, due to trading hours approval from the McGowan Government.

There will be an added 4 hours each Sunday starting from Monday the 17th December to Sunday the 30th December .

Shops will be able to open at 7am on weekdays including Christmas Eve.

Commerce and Industrial Relations Minister Bill Johnston approved the additional 34 hours for general retail shops in the Perth metropolitan area, starting on Saturday December 8th.

This will mean shops will be able to open at 8am and close at 6pm.

Extended trading hours will conclude on New Years’ Day and additional extended trading hours for Australia day in 2019 have also been approved.

Commerce and Industrial Relations Minister Bill Johnston said he wants consumers and major Perth retails to take full advantage of these shopping hours.

“I’m pleased to announce that Christmas retail trading hours will be extended again this year,” he said.

“The McGowan Government wants consumers and major Perth retailers to take full advantage of Christmas and post-Christmas shopping.”

“I encourage everyone to buy their Christmas presents from their local community and support Western Australian jobs and retailers.”

However, the Liberal Opposition argued the Christmas trading hours this year have been reduce  by15 hours compared to last year’s festive season period.

Opposition’s Commerce Spokesman and Liberal MP Michael Mischin says extra Christmas retail hours are needed to allow workers to earn more.

He believes the government should’ve allow businesses to open longer this festive season to boost  retail trade and increase work opportunities.

“The decision not to allow businesses to trade as often as they were permitted in previous years will reduce the opportunities for businesses to generate revenue, reduce employment opportunities for West Australians and reduce choice and opportunities for customers at what traditionally has been the busiest time of the year,” Mr Mischin said.

“There are 15 fewer hours of retail trading over the Christmas period from 5 December to 1 January compared to last year, a reduction of 30%.”



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