Chris Hemsworth Quokka Seflie promotes Tourism Australia

Picture Courtesy: Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram

Big name film stars Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon have enjoyed a recent trip to Western Australia with their families, and ticked a goal off their bucket lists… the quokka selfie!

Tourism Australia retains celebrities who starred in the Super Bowl advertisement, and uses them as brand ambassadors to promote our great nation.

Paul Papalia, Tourism Minister, said sometimes Tourism Australia needs to be reminded that WA is a part of Australia.

“Tourism Australia should be paying money to promote Western Australia, but we need a little bit of differentiation because we’re over here separate to the eastern states,” he commented.

Mr Papalia said the two year action plan launched in March last year is working, with the last Tourism Research Australia Statistics confirming we have the highest number of visitors to WA in 4 years, and with the hope of it continuing to grow more.

A Tourism Australia funded activity, with contributions from Tourism WA, saw Hemsworth and Damon soak up the lifestyle here and promote it on social media.

Mr Papalia said the visit to Rottnest Island was fantastic, in which they stated at the new Discovery Eco Park, supported by the Rottnest Island Authority, and enjoyed Corsaire Helicopter rides and Charter One catamaran cruises.

He also commented that the famous Quokka selfie Hemsworth captured took half an hour in the making, waiting for the perfect quokka smile to appear.

The adorable Hemsworth Qoukka selfie exceeded likes in the first hour, compared to other celebrity selfies with the smiley Rotto marsupial.

“His is the best in the world so far… Roger Federer was pretty well up there, in the first hour he got just under half a million. Margot Robbie exceeded that, and now Chris Hemsworth is smashing that within 15 minutes of posting!” said Mr Papalia.

When asked if he could put a dollar figure on what the quokka selife is for WA?

“If we had to pay the quokkas for what they contribute to West Australian tourism theres no way the state could afford it,”

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