CCC report investigates tax payer dollars lining pockets of Senior Health Servants

The Corruption and Crime Commission have released a damning report after investigating hundreds and thousands of siphoned dollars by Senior WA Health Bureaucrats.

Contractors offered benefits including lavish lunches, gifts and personal holidays, in return for work.

Three senior health bureaucrats and almost a dozen contractors are caught up in the scandal, while the CCC fears other departments may also be exhibiting similar behaviour.

Opposition Health Spokesman, Sean L’Estrange said it is a disgraceful use of tax payer money and they should be prosecuted accordingly.

“This CCC report is a damning inditement on the health sector, and on the fact that we’ve got senior public servants working in the health sector who have been lining their own pockets for years,” he said.

Health Minister, Roger Cook, commented it’s horrible these individuals got away with it for so long.

“I’m appalled that they would treat the public service with such distain, and i’m appalled they would treat our hospital system, a system thats there for the sick and the injured and the vulnerable, it’s such disrespect.” he said.

Mr L’Estrange hopes the government works hard to ensure that these people see justice.

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