CCC Laws Target Unexplained Crime Wealth

New crime legislation will give the Corruption and Crime Commission new powers to target unexplained wealth from organised crime.

The new laws are part of the State Government’s Corruption, Crime and Misconduct and Criminal Property Confiscation Amendment Bill 2017, aiming to fight corruption and organised crime in the State.

“Before the election, WA Labor made a commitment to the people of WA that in terms of the methamphetamine trade we would attack the head of the snake,” Attorney General John Quigley said.

“The McGowan Government is honouring the promise we made the community to crack down on the organised crime syndicates that are poisoning our families with this evil drug.”

Under the new laws, the Corruption and Crime Commission will be able to investigate “unexplained wealth” owned by individuals involved in the drug trade and other criminal activities.

Criminals “with assets and a lifestyle way beyond an obvious means of earning that lifestyle” will be targeted, in particular those indirectly involved in crime.

“It won’t be charged criminals that are called before the CCC to explain their ill-gotten gains; it will be individuals who have put themselves beyond the reach of the police and those who have gotten their profits without getting their hands dirty,” Mr Quigley said.

“Serious and organised criminals are motivated by money and the illicit drug market is known to their main source of profit.”

Mr Quigley said the Bill will also restore the power of the Corruption and Crime Commission to investigate certain types of misconduct by Members of Parliament.

“This will close a loophole created by the Liberal National Government which protects backbenchers from investigation,” he said.

He said the new laws will put criminals on notice.

“The legislation sends a clear message to drug traffickers, financiers of large scale drug operations and bikie gangs that they are not untouchable and that the Corruption and Crime Commission stands ready to engage them.”

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