Cat Haven at “Crisis Point” as Cat Numbers Reach 400

A cat adoption facility has reached crisis point after receiving a large number of cats that has taken it over capacity.

Cat Haven said 80 cats were surrendered to them on Wednesday that it no longer has room for new arrivals and has called out to the public for help.

“We are at a point where we are absolutely over our capacity for care here at Cat Haven,” the Shenton Park adoption facility said in a post on its Facebook page.

“Our sheds have been full all week and we have received another 80 cats today alone.”

“We are at crisis point and will not be able to continue to receive cats and kittens who need our help.”

“Now is the time to add to your fur family. We are absolutely desperate.”

Cat Haven Cat Management Facility Coordinator Lauren Nesbitt told WAMN News a lot of older cats were in need of new homes after their numbers reached nearly 400 after the 80 cats were surrendered.

“We had a pretty successful kitten season this year but that a lot of our adult cats are overlooked,” she said.

“We ended up with a lot of adult cats, not many kittens, but lots and lots of adult cats needing homes.”

She also said a lot of people surrendered their cats because they were no longer able to care for them.

“A lot of people surrender their cat because of financial hardship, if they’re moving house and their new house won’t allow a pet,” Ms Nesbitt said.

“There’s a number of different reasons why people surrender their cat and they’re no longer able to care for them so they bring them to us.”

Ms Nesbitt said between Thursday and Sunday, people could come down and give a surrendered cat a new home.

“We’ve decided to do a four day adoption weekend of adopting an adult cat for a donation of your choice,” she said.

The organisation said on its Facebook page it was hopeful the cats would be adopted.

“All we ask is a loving and safe home for our felines,” it said.

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