Bus workers rally outside Fair Work Commission

While the bus industry continues to demand industrial change, hundreds of perth bus drivers rallied outside the Fair Work Commission in Perth CBD during the conciliation hearing this morning.

Transport Workers Union National Secretary, Tim Dawson, updated the drivers on how the meeting was progressing.

We asked Tim Dawson why this industrial action is so important?

He said these bus drivers are not only fighting for themselves but also for young people.

“It’s especially important to young people who work in casualised employment. They understand… they might only get one shift a week. This is what bus drivers are,” he commented.

Mr Dawson said TransDev being unreasonable in their negotiations was the straw that broke the camels back.

However, progression towards permanent employment is of utmost important for TransDev in the conciliation hearings.

“Our major outcome for the whole bus industry is to have one agreement that covers every bus driver no matter who runs that contract…one job one rate. That’s all we’re asking for,” said Mr Dawson.

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