Broome or Bali? Cheaper Airfares to encourage local WA holidays

Broome or Bali?

The State Government has taken a major step to boost regional tourism, with reduced airfares aiming to recoup previously sky-high prices.

The argument of it being cheaper to fly to Bali than within WA has met it’s match, with the State Government teaming up with Qantas to deliver lower airfares to Broome.

“We’re obviously in competition with Bali, I like Bali, but I think Broome’s better…” said Premier, Mark McGowan.

He said because of the competitive market environment, we need to do everything we can to make tourism in WA as affordable and available as possible, so that West Australians don’t go elsewhere, they holiday at home.

The 12 month trial will see game changing rates of $199 dollars on way to Broome, with a bigger capacity A320 aircraft, allowing 30,000 additional seats into Broome each year.

“I don’t accept that somehow its hugely cheaper to go to Bali – you can have an affordable holiday in WA,”

“If you plan it right, get the affordable airfare, look at your cost and expenses, you can do it here and thats what we want to encourage,” he explained.

Mr McGowan said Broome is magical and encourages all West Australians to travel there before Bali.

“If you go to Broome and the Kimberly its like the world lifts off your shoulders, you don’t worry about too much… Thats why they call it Broome time, and I want more people to be able to enjoy that holiday experience,” he said.

The initiative hopes to boost tourism nationally, and will work with local business owners to ensure an all-round affordable and inviting experience.

Toursim Minister, Paul Papalia said Qantas has done the work with lowering airfares, so tourists are enticed away from this knee jerk response to go to Bali.

“428,000 WA’s travel to Bali every year, if we could divert only a proportion, a small number of those people will completely change the landscape for tourism in WA and Broome and The Kimberly,” Mr Papalia said.


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