Brexit leader Nigel Farage creates new political party to contest in EU election

By Helene Fung

British politician Nigel Farage, who had a hand in forcing Britain’s 2016 referendum on EU membership, launched a new Brexit party to contest in the upcoming European Union elections to be held 23rd – 26th of May.

Mr Farage said his new party would take on politicians who failed to deliver on Brexit.

“And I think what’s happened is our two-party system simply can’t cope with Brexit. I think our two-party system has been exposed, frankly, as being unfit for purpose. I think we have a parliament that is now completely out of touch with our country. I think politics is broken.”

Mr Farage claimed that his new party had raised more than 750,000 pounds (A$980,000) in the first 10 days of its existence.

British parties are able to contest next month’s European Parliament elections after Prime Minister Theresa May secured a second delay to Brexit in Brussels earlier this week.

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