Booklets To Promote Road Safety for Cyclists and Motorists

A series of booklets called “The Best Practice Guides” has been released to promote responsible road sharing between cyclists and motorists.

The booklets were funded by a $52,000 grant from the Road Trauma Trust Account, and were produced as a collaboration between WestCycle and Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts.

Ms Roberts said that it is important to raise awareness about how to safely share the road, as cyclist are particularly vulnerable.

“Cyclists are among WA’s most vulnerable road users, with three cyclists killed on Western Australian roads already this year,” she said.

“Encouraging cyclists and drivers to share the road safely is something we should all be committed to and these guides provide essential road safety knowledge to cyclists, drivers and the wider community.”

WestCycle say that is important to create a “more harmonious riding environment” in order to improve safety for cyclists.

“A lot is discussed about the hostility on the road between bicycle riders and drivers as well as between pedestrians and riders, tension points exist and riders more often than not come off second best when these hostilities escalate,” the spokesperson says.

“Creating a more harmonious riding environment is not only critical to rider safety but to increasing the number of people who choose to ride a bike”

“The benefits in doing so flow through to all West Australian’s through health care savings, the reduction of congestion and environmental advantages”

“As riders we cannot directly control the attitudes, thoughts and behaviours of other road users, but we can control our own behaviour and etiquette and if we uphold the highest of standards this will in turn, over time, result in respect from others.”

The Best Practice Guides are available to download from either the Road Safety Commission or WestCycle websites, or in print at selected cycling clubs and outlets.

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