Boeing to pause deliveries of 737 MAX planes but continuing production

By Helene Fung

Boeing’s 737 MAX planes have been banned by most countries after authorities found that an Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX crashed this week had similar characteristics to the crash of a Lion Air 737 MAX in October last year.

The company announced that it is going to pause deliveries of the 737 MAX to airlines or aircraft leasing companies due to a temporary grounding order by the US Federal Aviation Administration, but would continue its production rate of 52 aircraft per month.

Boeing spokesperson Chaz Bickers said that they will continue to build the 737 MAX planes “while assessing how the situation, including potential capacity constraints, will impact our production system”.

Another 5,000 of the planes are on order, so the financial stakes are high.

Southwest Airlines and American Airlines have started flying empty MAX planes to be temporary parking during the ban.

Meanwhile, Norwegian Air indicated that it intends to seek compensation from Boeing for costs and lost revenue after grounding its fleet of 737 MAX planes.

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