Bill Shorten’s GST Push For WA During Labour Day Rally

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten arrived in Perth during his Labor Federal Field Campaign, promising a better GST share Western Australia.

Mr Shorten was joined by WA Premier Mark McGowan and Deputy Premier Roger Cook participated in the rally at the Joondalup Health Campus this morning.

After introducing Labor’s candidate team for the 2019 Federal Election, Mr Shorten again promised a minimum 70 cents GST floor for Western Australia if elected as Prime Minister.

He says Australia has a choice to make between policies from Labor, or the Conservatives Liberals.

“This is the team that has convinced me and the economic leaders in the Labor Party to set aside a ‘Fair Go For Western Australia’ fund, a 1.6 billion dollars for the first two years, to make sure there is at least 70 cents in a dollar for the West,” Mr Shorten said.

“We are going to stop the rip off of Western Australia.”

Mr Shorten also promised $514 million funding to increase 75 mental health beds at Joondalup Health Campus during today’s announcement.

However, the State Liberal Opposition dismissed Mr Shorten’s GST floor plan, accusing Federal Labor of not acknowledging WA’s unfair GST share.

Opposition’s Finance Spokesman and Liberal MP Dean Nalder says a bi-partisan approach is needed to solve the issue of GST distribution.

He also stated that on-going cost of new infrastructures will have to be maintained by the state, which will add more burden to WA Government’s difficult financial situations.

“WA is being unfairly punished through the allocation of the GST, the Federal Liberal Party has acknowledged it, but Labor has never acknowledged that,” Mr Nalder said.

“They’ve (ALP) have offered a few grants, capital grants which is great, it’s nice to get the money. But we need proper reform of the GST and to get that, we really need to push the pressure on Shorten to ensure he commits to Western Australia that he is going to solve it.”

“The amount WA needed requires is far greater than what is being offered today, it’s been offered for a couple of years, it’s not really fixing the problem we have on our GST in Western Australia.

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