Better Collaboration between State and Local Governments

By Helene Fung

Premier Mark McGowan and Local Government Minister David Templeman signed a new State Local Government Partnership Agreement today at the 2017 WA Local Government Convention.

The collaboration document was signed in front of over 500 local government CEOs and representatives attending.

The agreement promotes transparency and accountability, calls for better community engagement and provides for more consistency in local government decision making.

Under the agreement, a State and Local Government Partnership Group has been formed which will meet annually to discuss matters of importance to both sectors.

“The new partnership agreement has been designed to better enhance communication between State and local governments, and will allow for improved public sector efficiency, seamless legislation and ensure compliance requirements are met,” The Premier said.

Meanwhile, Local Government Minister David Templeman vowed to work with local governments and be their champion.

“This agreement ushers in a new era of co-operation, and recognises that a robust partnership, built on trust and mutual respect, ensures good governance and better decision-making across both spheres of government,” Mr Templeman said

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