Bali volcano threat level at maximum

An eruption from Bali’s Mount Agung volcano is imminent, according to Indonesian authorities who have seat the warning level to its maximum of four on Friday night.

Mass evacuations are under way, with around 10,000 villagers already having fled and as many as 240,000 in total expected to flee the area.

An evacuation area of within 9km of the crater and within 12km to the north, north-east, south-east and south-west has been declared by the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (NDMA).

According to the NDMA those already evacuated are now staying in temporary shelters, sports centres, village halls and with relatives.

Reports of tremors are already coming in, and the Rendang volcano monitoring station recorded 500 tremors in just one day.

There have also been reports of monkeys and snaked fleeing the area.

As of Saturday morning the airport is still operating, but is keeping an eye on the situation and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs has warned air traffic may be grounded.

Australians in Bali are urged to monitor local media and maintain awareness of what is going on.

Mount Agung, 71 kilometres from popular tourist destination Kuta, killed 1100 people last time it erupted, in 1963.

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