Balga Man Faced Court Over Rockingham Ramage

Authorities in Rockingham have charged a man for several incidents that occurred yesterday. 

At around 7:15am a Nissan Navara hit a house on Barnes Street. It will be alleged that the driver then entered the premises, struck the male resident with a metal pole, and allegedly threatened a female resident. Both residents then escaped to a neighbour’s house.

It is alleged that the driver followed them and attacked the front door leaving it damaged. He then vacated the premises in the Nissan Navara.

It is further alleged that at 7:30am the suspect drove to a house on Seabrook Avenue, where he vandalized two front windows with the metal pole.

At first, the residents exited the house and confront him. However, he again showed threatening behavior causing them to retreat to the safety of their house. The suspect exited the scene in his vehicle.

Police further alleged that about 8:05am the suspect stopped his vehicle at a red traffic light at the intersection of Medina Avenue and Thomas Road in Medina.  

He then allegedly reversed into the vehicle behind him, damaging of both vehicles.  The other driver initially vacated his vehicle, however upon sight of the driver of the Nissan Navara arming himself with the metal pole and a hammer he returned to his vehicle and drove off.

Police believe the suspect is not known by any of the victims.

Authorities have appealed to the public for further information. Later during the day a member of public sighted the Nissan Navara at Balga Shopping Centre and called Police.

Investigators proceeded to the shopping centre where it was determined the man in question had visited a medical practice as a result of sustained injuries.

Further evidence indicated that the practiced had called an ambulance that had transported the man to Joondalup Health Campus.

Authorities found and seized the Nissan Navara for examination.

At about 4:15pm investigators from Rockingham presented at Joondalup Health Campus where the man was located and taken into custody.

Authorities have charged the 38 year old Balga man with several offences. He was refused bail and appeared in Perth Magistrates Court today. The charges are as follows.

In relation to the incidents at the two residences on Barnes Street:

·       Endanger life, health or the safety of a person

·       Act or omission causing bodily harm

·       2 x Criminal damage or destruction of property

·       Being armed in a way that may cause fear

·       Aggravated home burglary and commit

·       Trespass

In relation to the incident in Seabrooke Avenue:

·       Being armed in a way that may cause fear

·       Trespass

·       Criminal damage or destruction of property

In relation to the incidents on Medina Avenue:

·       Reckless driving

·       Driver fail to stop – property damage



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