Asylum Seeker Found Dead On Manus Island

One of the asylum seeker being held in the Australian offshore immigration detention centre on Manus Island has been found dead.

The boy of the 31-year old Iranian male, Hamed Shamshiripour, was found on Monday near the Refugee Transit Centre in East Lorengau, with the cause of death is yet to be determined.

It has been reported that the man had been suffering from mental health issues.

Graham Thom, Refugee Coordinator at Amnesty International Australia called on the government to take action, and called for an “independent, impartial, prompt and effective investigation” into the death.

“This death is yet another bleak tragedy to arise out of the ongoing suffering and tensions on Manus Island. There must be an independent, impartial, prompt and effective investigation into his death,” he said.
“It is absolutely heartless of the Australian Government to be playing politics with people’s lives – this must end now. Prime Minister Turnbull and Minister Dutton must immediately evacuate the offshore camps on Nauru and Manus, they must bring the people to safety in Australia now.”

“Australia must accept liability for the damage its cruel policies are causing refugees.”

Mr Shamshiripour is now the fifth man who has died under Australia’s supervision while in the Manus Island camps.

The discovery comes just days after a leaked transcript of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s phone call to U.S. President Donald Trump regarding the fate of those on Manus.

The phone call, regarding the deal between Australia and the U.S. to send some of the Manus Island refugees to the U.S., showed Mr Turnbull telling Mr Trump he is under no obligation to actually take any of the refugees.

“The obligation is for the United States to look and examine and take up to and only if they so choose – 1,250 to 2,000,” he said.

“Every individual is subject to your vetting. You can decide to take them or to not take them after vetting. You can decide to take 1,000 or 100. It is entirely up to you.”

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