New Alcohol and Drug Programs To Break Vicious Cycles For WA Prisoners

The Premier has announced an Alcohol and Other Drug program to rehabilitate prisoners and combat addictions and their offending behaviours.

With over 6000 prisoners in WA’s correctional facilities, more than half struggle with ongoing alcohol and other drug addictions, including methanphetamines.

The treatment program aims to break the cycle of drug-related-crime in our prisons and our communities.

Mr McGowan said a lot of people in our community have trouble dealing with their addictions, leading to crime and being sentenced to prison.

“Get prisoners off meth and off other drugs, so that when they come out of prison they can transition onto other programs and hopefully break the cycle of drug usage,” he said.

Corrective Services Minister, Fran Logan said the rehabilitation program will provide 128 new beds in separate facilities.

“By doing what we’re doing, it’s taking the addicts who sometimes cause mayhem within the prison system out of the mainstream, and delivering services for them directly to help them get over their addictions,” Mr Logan said.

Greens MP, Alison Xamon, hopes the voluntary service will be widely accepted amongst prisoners and calls to the government to ensure further rehabilitation support is delivered throughout the prison systems.

“Make sure the program is designed to deal with people at the acute end, which means that it really reinforces the need to ensure we’ve got flow through services into the rest of the prison…”

“We should be striving to ensure that people don’t engage in offending behaviours as a result of their AOD addictions in the first place,” she said.

Ms Xamon said all prisoners should be able to access the breadth of service available, required to help the rehabilitation process.

The state run program will ensure the best possible chance of prisoners not relapsing and being able to assimilate successfully back into the community.

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