Alcohol Advertisement Ban on Public Transport

Rail, digital and billboard advertising on public transport is changing, with alcohol advertisements being the first disappear, starting on train infrastructure.

The changes are part of a McGowan Government election commitment, and will see all alcohol advertisements gone by March 2019.

Transport Minister, Rita Saffioti is pleased to have achieved the ban on alcohol advertising in a short time frame.

An agreement between the Public Transport Authority and APN Outdoor, will see the changes brought in for both contracts regarding the sale of advertising space.

Ms Saffioti directed that the contracts be allowed to run their course until 2019 and 2022 for buses and trains respectively, with any replacement contracts or contract extension options to incorporate an alcohol ban.

“I decided that the most prudent course of action was to allow the existing APN contracts to run their course, but that alcohol advertising be prohibited under any new agreements or contract extension options,” she said.

Alcohol advertisements generate revenue of $160,000, only two per cent of the APN’s collective revenue of about $8 million. Such revenue assists in paying for transport services.

Health Minister Roger Cook commends the work of the government in restricting the advertisement of alcohol, especially through mediums where children would be exposed.

“We need to continue to influence community attitudes around alcohol, and this move shows the Government is providing leadership on the issue. Many young people use public transport and we need to reinforce the message that excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous,”

“Preventative health is an important issue for all Western Australians. The impact of alcohol abuse on the community is staggering in terms of sickness, disability, effect on families, cost to the hospital system and early and preventable death.” Mr Cook said.

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