Activists’ Strong Push For New Port In Kwinana

By Kelly Marie Smith

There has been a push for the construction of the proposed land backed outer harbour in Kwinana.

It was one of the McGowan Government’s key promises in this years election, with the aim of taking pressure off Fremantle port and increase WA’s freight capacity.

Since scrapping the Roe 8 project, congestion in the industry continues to grow, motivating the push for the infrastructure to move ahead.

The city of Kwinana believes sufficient funding could be found in the private sector to build what they are calling the, Indian Ocean Gateway, and concludes that there will be very limited environmental impact if the land-backed port is built.

It is estimated that the project will directly employ over 35,000 people, a needed boost for the economy. The project will also see to reducing congestion by moving trucks from Leach Highway, to Anketell or Rowley roads.

According to Kim Draevniks, this harbour has been a long time coming,

“The great thing about the Western Harbor Alliance is that we really looked at the triple bottom line,” She said.

“We think that not only about the fantastic economic outcome be for WA at this stage with the growth in industry, and they have been looking for assurity for many, many years.”

The McGowan Government estimates that it could be up to 10 years before the first ships sail into the proposed outer harbor.

For now, the government wants to keep using Fremantle as a working port, at a capped capacity to reduce the amount of trucks congesting the roads.

Ivan Leung began his media adventure in 2007 with DHK News Chinese, he worked as a journalist and the senior newsreader in Hong Kong. In 2009, he becomes the DHK English News Executive Producer and the Chief Newsreader in-charging a 20 people news team in HK and Perth, presenting "Evening News" together with Ana Godden. Ivan becomes WAMN's Editor-in-chief after resigned from DMHK due to personal reasons. Ivan can speak fluent Cantonese, Mandarin and English.


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  1. Steve Portelli

    Get them both going. Outer harbour will be great for employment, but it will do Hogarth all for congestion in Cockburn. It Is more than likely to increase it. So the next quandary is creating supporting roads and transport to the outer harbour and latitude 32. Good luck for that, they can’t even see the congestion or understand the numerous traffic modelling reports now.

    Great Ve them the tip now locals who know our roads; upgrade Stock Road to Freeway status, upgrade Cockburn to 4 Lanes and put in at least 2 east west highways to connect Stock Road.
    Hint – Rowley and Roe. No we don’t want Russell Rd as a highway through our residential area. Besides it does not connect with Tonkin Highway.

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