2018 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to those helping end sexual violence

By Cassandra Elliott

Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad have both been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to end sexual violence as a weapon of war.

The Nobel Committee said they had both ‘helped to give greater visibility to war-time sexual violence’.

Denis Mukwege is a Congolese gynaecologist who has treated thousands of victims of sexual assault over the long-lasting civil war in the Republic of the Congo.

Nadia Murad is a member of the Yazidi minority in northern Iraq who was captured by ISIS and subjected to three months of sexual abuse and rape before she escaped.

She has since shared her story and advocates for change.

Both Mukwege and Murad have dedicated their lives to ending sexual violence used as a weapon of war.

Upon announcing the recipients, the Nobel Committee commended them both for ‘putting their personal security at risk by courageously combatting war crimes and seeking justice for the victims’.

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