$13 million funding continues for Community Research Centres

Regional community concerns about the future of Community Research Centres were expressed to the McGowan Government, and following an extensive review and consultation, funding will continue at the full amount of $13 million.

“We will continue to fully fund CRCs to the tune of $13 million per year, ensuring CRCs can deliver important services to regional communities,” said Regional Development Minister, Alannah MacTiernan.

However, the review of the program outlined areas that need improving.

Local businesses and governments will work with the Community Research Centres, ensuring strengthened outcomes for their trainees as part of the traineeship component, and will also be made available to regional areas.

Ms MacTeirnan said the newly improved CRC will have a real focus on getting the most out of the traineeship program, driving training opportunities across regional WA.

Auditing processes will be strengthened to ensure Community Resource Centres are delivering the best outcomes for their communities.

“After reviewing the Community Resource Centre program and listening to regional communities’ concerns about the future of CRCs, it is clear CRC funding should continue,” she said.

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