More Than 100 People Buried, Feared Dead in China Landslid

At least 9 people have died, and around 100 more are missing after a landslide in the south-west Chinese province of Sichuan. 

So far the only three survivors have been located from Xinmo village- a couple and their one month old baby.

The couple are in stable condition, but the baby is suffering pneumonia, likely from mud inhalation, according to the state controlled media outlet Xinhua.

The province has declared the landslide as the highest level of natural disaster, and has launched a massive rescue effort.

More than 3000 rescuers are currently working to locate survivors, using life detectors and sniffer dogs, and there are people on site to observe secondary effects according to Xinhua. 

The landslide occurred about 6am local time, after torrential rain in the province, causing part of a mountain in the Aba prefecture to collapse.

This sent an estimated 18m cubic meters of earth falling down, engulfing Xinmo village, blocking a 2km section of river and about 1.6km of roads.

Geological experts at the site have expressed little hope for more survivors being found.

Photo Courtesy: Xinhua News Agency

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