Worrying more and drinking less

A new research project has concluded that although Australians have cut down on their smoking and drinking, they have actually gained weight, and become more anxious in the process.

The Alere Wellness Index recently surveyed 50,000 Australians and found that 1.1 million glasses of alcohol are being consumed less a week, and 134,000 people have now quit smoking compared with 2007.

However, 736,000 more adults are obese, and anxiety in people has increased by a massive 1.3 million.

There is no mention of how reduced smoking and drinking could lead to increased anxiety and obesity, and as John Lang of Alere states:

“It’s more likely that local and global economic issues are to blame for the psycho-emotional trend and fast-food consumption could account for the increase in obesity,”

The results come from 1,800 questions that are asked to 50,000 people a year, for the past five years, and cover medical conditions, food purchasing as well as consumption, and psychological wellbeing.

The results show that the five most healthy areas of Australia are Western Brisbane, Central Perth, Inner city Melbourne, Central Melbourne, and Northern Sydney; with the least healthy ares showing as Murray & Murrumbidgee in NSW, Northwest rural Queensland, Northwest rural NSW, Eyre in rural SA, and Newcastle, NSW.