Product Review: Well Naturally Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

Looking towards a healthier lifestyle and still having those sugar cravings? Look no further.

Well Naturally Sugar Free Dark Chocolate is made of 70% cocoa and is sweetened naturally with stevia, a plant-derived ingredient with no calories.

High in natural antioxidants, and free of chemical sweeteners, you can be sure that Well Naturally Sugar Free Chocolate makes for a rich, satisfying treat without the guilt.

As somebody who has been trying to cut back their sugar intake, I’ve found that this chocolate is perfect to satisfy even the most intense sugar cravings.

It does have that minor bitter taste which is generally expected with dark chocolate, but it’s that slight bitterness that stops you from eating the entire bar.

The chocolate itself has a smooth but slightly chalky texture, and once in your mouth it melts slowly, allowing more time for the tastebuds to savour the flavour.

Well Naturally Sugar Free Dark Chocolate is available in a range of flavours to suit every taste: Rich Dark, Mint Crisp, Almond Chip, Valencia Orange, Cherry Delight, Licorice Classic and Caramel Crisp.

It can be found in the health food aisle of Woolworths and Coles, as well as Independent grocers, good pharmacies and health food stores.

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