Product Review: Emmi-dent 6 Professional

When you think ultrasound, it’s a word generally associated with medicine and in most cases pain; not one’s dental hygiene.

But it is through the use of ultrasound technology, that the Emmi-dent 6 Professional works.

I’ll admit I was skeptical about trying the Emmi-dent 6 Professional as I couldn’t possibly imagine how one’s teeth could be cleaned through the use of ultrasound technology.

The ultrasonic waves in conjuction with using the prescribed toothpaste from Emmi-dent forms ‘nano bubbles’ on your teeth.

These nano bubbles combined with the use of the toothbrush effectively dislodge build up, whilst also having a beneficial effect on the gums, palate and tongue because of the highly reduced exposure to constant abrasions from regular brushing.

Proper use requires the light placement of the brush head on each section of teeth for around 5-10 seconds, allowing time for the ultrasound to work it’s magic.

Emmi-dent believes that with proper use, the whole cleaning process should take around three to five minutes.

It does feel like you are standing there doing nothing whilst holding the brush to your teeth, but once finished, you can immediately tell what a thorough clean the Emmi-dent 6 Professional provides with smoother, cleaner and even slightly whiter teeth.

The brush itself resembles your typical electric toothbrush, and the kind German folks at Emmi-dent have even included a motor within the casing to mimic the vibrations you would feel.

Retailing for around the $235 mark, it may be a bit pricy for those just after a quick brush before work, but for those who pride themselves on a clean fresh smile, the Emmi-dent 6 Professional is perfect and worth every penny.

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