Product Review: Allegra Rhodes Skin Care

At Allegra Rhodes, they believe that every woman deserves to enjoy happiness, luxury and gorgeousness every single day; not only on those special occasions.

That’s where their range of body lotions, hand creams, hand washes, body washes and body mists come in.

Available in a range of fragrances including Sweet Apple and Grapefruit, Red Lycée, Cherry Blossom and Ocean Mist, these luxurious products are free of parabens and sulphate, aren’t tested on animals, and are rich in all natural Australian produced ingredients of the finest quality.

I was lucky enough to try out the Body Lotion, Body Wash and Hand & Nail Cream all in the revitalising fragrance of Ocean Mist which is a blend of bergamont, and zesty lemon, and features notes of jasmine, rose and sandalwood.

Each product is a decent size with the hand & nail cream available in 175ml, the body wash in 450ml and the body lotion in 250ml. All of these products also come in pump bottles, making them easily accessible on your dresser or work desk.

I found the hand & nail cream ($32.95) to be very light, silky and smooth. Only a small amount is needed and it absorbs right into the skin, so there is is no layer of greasy residue left.

The body cream ($32.95) is slightly thicker than the hand & nail cream but is still has that same silky smooth texture. Again, only a small amount is needed because it does go a long way.

Now, the body wash ($29.95) didn’t have as strong a scent as the other two but it’s not needed as generally you would apply the body lotion after a shower anyway. I found the body wash to be light and fluffy; foaming lightly with only one pump of the bottle.

After only a week of using all three of these products, my skin has felt noticeably softer, and even has a slight glow to it. I would say that all three of these luxury products are definitely great value for money, and would even make a great gift for a special person.

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