Give something different this Easter!

Everybody loves to receive flowers, but what if you could get chocolate in the form of a bouquet instead?

A Lollypotz Chocolate Bouquet is the perfect gift to give to a loved one this Easter. With names such as ‘Charlie The Chick’ and ‘Eggcitement’, you’ll almost want to order one for yourself!

We were lucky enough to receive a Lollypotz Chocolate Bouquet here at WAMN, and it really did impress.

With fast delivery, stunning presentation and to die for chocolates, it sure does tick all of the boxes.

Lollypotz isn’t just around at Easter though, you can order in store and online all year round for all types of different occasions.

Lollypotz prides itself on the presentation and quality of their bouquets and it’s no surprise that they use the finest and most delicious chocolate from well-loved brands such as Cadbury’s, Ferrero and not to mention a few others.

With an efficient service, gorgeous gifts and a few awards to their name, it’s no surprise that this business is one that’s succeeding.

You can order Lollypotz over the phone or online at their website,

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